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How it works. How Dashy Dash turns invoices into insights

Helen Steinhauser

August 15, 2022

Dashy Dash helps restaurants save time and money by automatically organizing invoices and expenses, helping restaurants compare their prices to real market prices, and finding new ways to help restaurants save. This article explains how Dashy Dash turns invoices into insights.

Submit pictures of your invoices

After you create a Dashy Dash account you can upload images of your restaurant invoices 2 different ways.

  1. Email invoices to - From your phone or computer, send invoice images to invoices@dashydash. Your email must be sent from the email address you used to create your Dashy Dash account in order for us to connect your invoice data to you.
  2. Upload images while logged into your account - Log into your account from phone or computer, hit the "add invoices" button and follow instructions on the screen.

Dashy unleashes digital magic

Dashy Dash unleashes legion after legion of engineering nerds who then point their wands, computer servers, and keyboards at you invoices. We use optical reading, machine learning, and other fancy computer stuff to extract line-item level details about your spend, including prices paid, and products purchased.

We use magic to organize your invoices.

You see your expenses, in all their organized glory

Within 48 hours you'll be able to see all your uploaded invoices when you log into your account. Your invoices will be searchable and filterable by supplier, date range, and invoice number.

If you hate spreadsheets, we also categorize and analyze your spend for you, allowing you to quickly see where your money is going.

But what if you LOVE spreadsheets? Well, you can also download all your line-item level data into a CSV file and nerd out until your heart is content.

What if you hate spreadsheets, but someone you know loves spreadsheets, like an accountant, bookkeeper, or internal partner? You can email them them data and invoice images directly from Dashy Dash.

This is the type of organization that makes your accountant weep for joy.

We help you compare your spend

Because lots of restaurants use Dashy Dash, we can look at the products and categories you buy and help you find opportunities to save. Maybe there's a vendor offering lower prices for similar products. Maybe, you're paying way above average in a few categories. We don't guarantee that we can get you the best price on the market, but we can make sure you know whether or not you are paying a fair price.

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