Updated free invoice management for restaurants and their partners

Updated free invoice management for restaurants and their partners

Dashy Dash is a free community powered tool that makes it easy to manage invoices, discover new products & compare prices to help you save money.

Making it easy to manage invoices is part of our mission

We believe the restaurant industry, and restaurant supply specifically, needs to be more fair for bars and restaurants. With the new improved layout of Invoice Management we’re fulfilling our mission by helping restaurants save time and money, and making it easier for them understand and manage their expenses.

Dashy Dash invoice management is still free for restaurants and their financial partners and with our recent improvements it's even easier to upload invoices, check on past invoices, and export information to accountants, bookkeepers, or accounting software. See it in action here:

How do the new features in Dashy Dash Invoice Management help restaurants and their partners save time and money?

Toss the folders, boxes, and (ick) bags of invoices. Cut out the couriers and securely digitize invoices

Restaurants save time by easily and securely storing invoices in the cloud and making it easy for share that information with partners

Manual data entry is malarky

We automatically digitize each invoice, separate the data at the line-item-level, categorize each transaction, and make it easy to export that information into spreadsheets for analysis or sharing with partners

New features in Dashy Dash Invoice Management

Improved search and filtering

Use our simple dropdown filters to narrow your invoice search by date, supplier, or invoice amount. Or for an even more powerful experience, use our search bar to find the right invoices. Search supplier names, invoices numbers, or even individual items you remember being on the invoice.

Flexible invoice import

We’ve all been in the offices and kitchens of restaurants and seen piles of paper stacking up in folders and boxes.Stop wasting time flipping through paper invoices and trying to remember what you spent on supplies last month. Invoice Management can take care of all that for you. All you need is a smartphone to take pictures of your invoices, and we do the rest.

Getting invoices into Dashy Dash is super easy. What makes it easy?

  1. We take any common image format: PDF, png, jpeg…it literally does not matter to us. Send us images of your invoices in any common image format and we’ll process those images for you.
  2. We merge and split invoice images for you: Don’t worry about sending invoices in separate files. Multi page invoices can be uploaded as one file, or many files. Have a 20 page PDF with multiple invoices from multiple vendors? Not a problem. We can split and merge your image files for you, so you don’t have to worry about collating and organizing files before uploading.
  3. Upload from any device: Don’t worry about waiting to snap a picture and sending it from your office. We take invoices from your computer, ipad, or phone.
  4. Submit whatever way is easiest for you: We know you’re busy. That’s why we let you upload invoices, via email, direct upload, or even text message.

Easy export

With easy export you can download all your purchase information into spreadsheets, or the actual images of each invoice, all with just a couple clicks.

With easy export it’s incredibly fast and easy to send information to partners, import information into other software, or dig in on your own categorized expenses (Of course, we also automate expense analysis with Dashy Dash Insights)

New Features coming soon

In the next quarter we’ll continue to improve invoice management by adding custom automated GL coding, and integrations with popular accounting softwares including Quickbooks.

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  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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