Welcome to a New Chapter: Dashy Dash Rebrands as Savor Operations

Welcome to a New Chapter: Dashy Dash Rebrands as Savor Operations

We are thrilled to announce that Dashy Dash has officially rebranded to Savor Operations, marking a new era in our journey to revolutionize the way restaurants manage their supply costs. This change isn't just about a new name; it's about enhancing our commitment to helping restaurants and chains of all sizes thrive in a challenging industry.

What's Changing?

Our rebrand to Savor Operations brings with it the typical changes you would expect; a fresh, new aesthetic, a new url (savorops.com), and new contact information for our team members (the same email addresses as before, but now on the savorops.com domain - Don't worry if you forget, we're still reachable at our Dashydash.com emails.

What's Not Changing?

While our appearance and some logistics are changing, our core focus remains steadfast. Savor Operations continues to be dedicated to helping restaurants and chains uncover and implement cost-saving strategies effectively. Our mission remains crucial because:

  • Controlling Restaurant Supply Costs is a Critical Activity: Supplies typically consume about 30% of revenue for a standard restaurant, making it one of the largest expense categories alongside labor.
  • The Market for Supplies Remains Opaque: Information about supply products, vendors, and pricing remains notoriously unclear, making it far to difficult for restaurant professionals to find the right product, at the right price, from the right suppliers.
  • Software is still a pain point:  Many existing solutions are cumbersome, require extensive setup time, and drain resources, demanding continuous input and maintenance from restaurant operators.

Our Mission: Savings, Not Software

At Savor Operations, we are committed to breaking down these barriers. Our solutions are designed to be the fastest way for restaurants to identify new opportunities to cut down on supply costs, fostering a more transparent marketplace for our users, and directly driving improved profits. We understand that in this industry, every minute and every penny counts. That's why our tools are designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness without the bloat of traditional software systems.

As we say, when you partner with Savor, you get savings, not software.

Looking Forward

This rebrand is not just a change in name and look; it's a reaffirmation of our promise to you. With Savor Operations, you can expect the same passion and dedication to excellence that you have come to know from us, but with a fresh perspective that is relentlessly focused on your needs and challenges.

We invite you to explore our new website, familiarize yourself with our refreshed brand, and continue on this exciting journey with us. Together, we will redefine what it means to manage restaurant supplies efficiently and transparently.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. Here’s to a new chapter of innovation, savings, and growth with Savor Operations!

About Savor

Savor helps restaurants, restaurant groups, and chains of all types control supply costs with less work.

With Savor restaurants can manage invoices, track product price histories, and drill down into expense categories. We help restaurants...

  • Automatically catch rising prices before they spin out of control
  • Benchmark prices for supplies against those paid by similar restaurants and bars
  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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