The San Francisco Menu Insights Report

San Francisco Menu Insights

The best decisions are data backed decisions

Restaurant management is a beautiful mix of art and science. The intimacy, history, and romance of food and hospitality feeds our emotions and our souls. But if you’re going to be a successful restaurateur, you have to figure out how to make a living at it.

We believe that data backed decisions are the best decisions, which is why data insights are the core of what Dashy Dash offers members. 

We collect, analyze, and process data on supply prices, market demand trends, and more so you don’t have to. Our recent San Francisco Restaurant Menu Insights Report is a great example of what we can do for members.

The San Francisco Menu Insights Report

Our members told us how time consuming it was to check if their menus were competitively priced, so we looked at thousands of online restaurant menus in San Francisco and benchmarked the average count and prices for common menu items.

What’s in the report?

Restaurant owners will be able to see the average number of items and average prices and price ranges on San Francisco restaurant menus. 

We’ve provided price ranges for appetizers, sides, and entrees segmented by restaurant type to provide even better detail in order to help you guide your menu pricing decisions.

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Restaurant and bar owners and managers can download the report here

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  • Benchmark prices for supplies against those paid by similar restaurants and bars
  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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