What's Behind the Spike in Chili Pepper Prices?

Is there a chili pepper shortage?

Anyone who keeps a keen eye on their invoices has noticed prices on chili peppers have started to spike. Sriracha enthusiasts and restaurants offering the fiery sauce might have been the first ones clued into the price spikes we are now experiencing as Huy Fong's famous sriracha has recently skyrocketed in price.

We recently took a closer look at pepper prices on behalf of our restaurant members to see how severe price spikes in peppers have become.

Examining the Pepper Price Landscape

Dashy Dash restaurant members share invoice information with Dashy Dash in order to access insights on how their prices compare to the broader community. We looked at over 600 individual pepper price points representing REAL prices paid by REAL restaurants. Focusing primarily on establishments in Northern California, we've segmented the data across eight distinct types of peppers.

What did we see in our community data?

A clear trend emerged: chile peppers prices are spiking with ones predominantly grown in Mexico and Baja experiencing the largest price hikes.

Jalapeño pepper prices for the last 3 months

The chili pepper price surge, fueled by a complex mix of climate challenges, trade dynamics, and growing demand, is a reminder of the volatility that can impact the restaurant industry. Staying informed about evolving market trends is key for both consumers and businesses, helping them adapt to changing circumstances.

Interested in seeing additional data on chili peppers?

With a free Dashy Dash membership,you get detailed reports sent right to your inbox. Check out our pepper price report that includes even more data and charts with prices from 8 different types of peppers and charts showing their price changes for the last three months.


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