Restaurant Supplies: Bay Area Dairy Prices October 2022

Restaurant Supplies: Bay Area Dairy Prices October 2022

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We’re on a mission to make the restaurant industry more fair for bars and restaurants. One way we fulfill our mission is by helping restaurants and bars make smarter supply purchase decisions. Check out our most recent report on prices paid by Bay Area restaurants for Dairy products including milk, butter, buttermilk, cream, and cheese.

What’s Inside?

  • Over 300 individual price points on dairy items paid by real Bay Area restaurants.
  • Prices from over a dozen suppliers
  • Prices on Butter, Milk, Buttermilk, Cream, Half & Half

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Summary of the October 2022 SF Bay Area Foodservice Dairy Price Report

Our full price report is contains over 30 pages of real prices offered by distributors to San Francisco Bay Area restaurants and bars during October 2022. Below we've pulled out a few highlights. If you're interested in the full report, you can download it here.

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Low Price Average Price High Price Price Range
$3.74/lb $4.98/lb $9.25/lb +/- $5.51/lb

The highest price point was for a single pound package of a name brand butter, while the lowest per pound price was bought as a 36 lb case. That represents a price difference of over 240% between the lowest and highest per pound price for butter.

Price fluctuated over the course of October. The most stable supplier we saw kept varied their price by less than 2%, while the most volatile supplier varied their price by more than 9% during the month.

Buttermilk - whole

Low Price Average Price High Price Price Range
$7.80/gal $8.06/gal $11.00/gal +/- $3.20/gal

We gathered Buttermilk prices from across 4 bay areas suppliers with the highest price in October ($11.00/gal - $5.50/half gallon) hitting 40% higher than the lowest price observed. 

Price was steady across the month for all suppliers we observed.

Heavy Cream

Low Price Average Price High Price Price Range
$19.88/gal $22.42/gal $23.80/gal +/- $3.92/gal

We gathered data on Heavy Cream prices from 3 Bay Area suppliers. The gap between the highest price restaurant distributor and the lowest price restaurant supplier in October was $3.92/gallon, representing a price difference of almost 20% between the lowest and highest priced supplier.


Low Price Average Price High Price Price Range
$5.79/gal $7.07/gal $10.50/gal +/- $4.71/gal

We saw observed prices on whole milk from 6 different distributors selling in a variety of formats. The least expensive item came in a 1 gallon jug/4 count case, while the majority of milk skus were sold as single or 6 count case .5 gallon cartons. The range between the most expensive sku was priced at an 81% premium compared to the least expensive sku.


Low Price Average Price High Price Price Range
$2.77/dz $5.08/dz $6.00/dz +/- $3.23/dz

Eggs prices had one of the largest price ranges we observed within the Dairy category. We observed a price gap of $3.23 per dozen, which is a gap of over 115% between the lowest price and the highest price we observed. We observed egg prices from 5 different Bay Area distributors over the course of the month.

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