Product of the Week - Limes

Every week, we highlight a product that's either seen a price drop or a spike. Dashy Dash restaurant members share invoice information with Dashy Dash in order to access insights on how their prices compare to their broader community. Using this data, we keep a close eye on the prices of tons of products from our members.

This week we dived into limes. We looked at 80+ lime price points from 7 different distributors, giving us a real picture of what restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area are paying.

The average price of limes increased from $1.41/lb the week of 7/01/23 to $2.33/lb the week of 9/03/23 for an increase of 65% over the last 2 months.

Weekly average prices of limes 7/1/23-9/3/23

What’s Affecting The Price?

Rain, extreme heat, and humidity in Mexico and California have impacted quality and shelf life, which contributes to low yields/availability. The new crop season will start in October but they have been impacted by summer heat so volumes may be lower. Crossings from Mexico are currently steady. Market continues to be very strong


175 and 200 counts of limes are dominating the market, you may be able to get better prices if you buy those pack sizes.

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