Product of the Week - Kennebec Potatoes

Members of the Dashy Dash community share invoice information with us in order to access insights on how their prices compare to their broader restaurant community giving us a real picture of what restaurants in the Bay Area are paying for their products. Our ultimate goal at Dashy is to help our members save money by bringing transparency around vendor pricing so every week we feature a product that has had a large price hike or drop.

We looked at over 800 price points for 15+ different types of potatoes from over 20 different distributors. The Kennebec potato was one of the types with the largest price drop in the recent months.

The average price of Kennebec potatoes decreased from $46.72/50lbs the week of 6/11/23 to $36.50/50lbs the week of 9/03/23 for a decrease of 22% over the last 3 months.

Average weekly prices of Kennebec Potatoes 6/11/23-9/03/23

About the Kennebec Potato

Kennebec potatoes are extremely versatile and are used widely in cooking. The variety's fluffy texture and sweet flavor are showcased when roasted, fried, boiled, baked, and stewed. They have an extremely long shelf life of 6 months. They are also are known for their adaptability to different growing conditions and can thrive in various soil types and climates.


It's a great time to stock up on 50 lb. boxes of this popular potato.

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