Restaurants Make a Mad Dash to Capture Fans

As March Madness begins, restaurants across the country are making a mad dash to attract fans and boost sales. Unlike the Super Bowl which is popular for restaurants serving nachos, wings and pizza on one day, March Madness stretches out more than 3 weeks giving you more opportunities to lure fans and boost sales this month.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 20% of consumers are likely to watch college basketball games at restaurants or bars.  Out of those surveyed, 34% choose to go to restaurants that offer special deals for the games, 25% prioritize the establishment with the best TVs, and 19% look for the best food and drink options.

Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President of the Research and Knowledge Group for the National Restaurant Association, emphasized that it’s not just sports-themed establishments that benefit from March Madness. Many restaurants and bars will attract a crowd during the upcoming games. If your restaurant has not figured out how to promote games this season, you may miss out on profits.

Restaurants can increase their sales during March Madness by offering special promotions, such as discounts on food and drinks, hosting viewing parties, and creating themed menus. They can also improve their marketing by promoting their March Madness events on social media, sending out email newsletters, and partnering with local sports teams.

Furthermore, restaurants can cater to customers who prefer to watch the games at home by offering takeout and delivery options. In fact, the NRA survey found that 16% of consumers prefer to order food and eat at home during March Madness.

While men are more likely to go out and watch the games than women, restaurants should cater to all genders and ages. With the wide appeal of March Madness, restaurants have the opportunity to attract a diverse group of customers and increase their sales during all the games.

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