Always Get Your Contract Price with Automated Invoice Auditing

As a business owner, you know how important it is to get the best deal possible when negotiating contracts with suppliers and distributors. However, even with a solid agreement in place, it can be challenging to ensure that you're always receiving the correct prices. That's where Dashy Dash comes in with automated invoice auditing.

Dashy Dash Contract Price Management is a powerful tool that can save you hundreds of hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars each year. By leveraging machine learning, you can catch more contract price violations and keep the money you've earned. Missed violations by your distributor could be costing you more than $10,000 per year, but with automated analysis, you can catch more of these violations and ensure you're always getting the price you negotiated.

Here are some examples of how price differences are found, allowing businesses to get credits from their distributor:

  1. Line Item Analysis: Automated invoice auditing can analyze each line item on an invoice and compare it to the corresponding line item in the contract. If there is a difference in price, the system will flag it, making it easy for the business to request a credit from the distributor.
  2. Duplicate Charges: It's not uncommon for suppliers and distributors to accidentally charge for the same item twice, leading to an overcharge. Automated invoice auditing can identify these duplicate charges and alert the business, allowing them to request a credit.
  3. Incorrect Quantity: Sometimes, suppliers and distributors may charge for a higher quantity than what was agreed upon in the contract. Automated invoice auditing can detect these discrepancies and notify the business, allowing them to request a credit for the overcharge.
  4. Price Changes: Suppliers and distributors may change their prices without notifying their customers. Automated invoice auditing can identify these price changes and compare them to the contract prices, allowing the business to request a credit for any overcharges.

One of the main benefits of automated invoice auditing is that it saves you dozens of hours every month. Instead of going blind analyzing invoices and spreadsheets, you can rely on automated line-item analysis and reporting. This way, you'll save a ton of time and your eyesight.

Moreover, automated analysis is fast, detailed, and accurate, allowing you to get refunded from your distributor faster than ever before. By catching contract price violations early, you'll be able to take action and get your credits faster, improving your cash flow and reducing your overall expenses.

In conclusion, automated invoice auditing by Dashy Dash is a game-changer for businesses that rely on contracts with suppliers and distributors. With Dashy Dash Contract Price Management, you can catch more violations, save time, and improve your cash flow. So, don't wait any longer to start using automated invoice auditing to ensure you always get your contract price.

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