How to catch and stop rising restaurant supply prices with Dashy Dash Price Watch

Have you experienced price creep?

Have you ever agreed on a price for an item with a foodservice distributor or distributor sales rep, only to find that two or three months later the price has creeped up without explanation?

Price creep is real, but it’s not always justified. Sometimes a price increase is legitimate, but many times it’s just your distributor padding their margins. How do you stop price creep? Monitor your invoices for price changes and demand explanations when they happen.

Unfortunately, monitoring invoices is a pain. It can mean hours of painstakingly reviewing every line item on your invoices and comparing old distributor invoices against new ones. It’s an exercise that can take so long that restaurant owners, GMs, and Chefs will put the task off for longer than they should. Thankfully, Dashy Dash has automated this process for restaurants and we’ve included it in the free-version of our software. We call the feature Price Watch.

Dashy Dash Price Watch

Price Watch can save bars, restaurants, caterers and other food businesses hours of time each week and thousands of dollars in cost of avoidance. You simply share images of your vendor invoices when they come in. Dashy Dash then analyzes the images, extracts out line-item level details from the invoices including, vendor, price, and quantity ordered, and automatically compares your invoice prices from each vendor against the prices you've been extended from those vendors in the past.

Image of price watch notifications

Anytime we identify price increases we notify you right on the Dashy Dash home screen dashboard, saving you hours of painstaking manual invoice reviews. We even make it easy to pick specific items to track which might be of higher concern.

Catching price increases early and holding your distributor partners accountable can save you big money, and we're incredibly proud to support or restaurant and hospitality partners in building a better bottom line for their businesses.

Price watch comes with the free version of our software. Want to learn more about all the features Dashy Dash offers restaurants and bars? Sign up today and check it out, or learn more by scheduling a call with us.

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  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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