Fast. Clear. Fair. How Getting Price Quotes On Your Restaurant Supplies Should Be.

Cost control is critical to running a successful hospitality business. But, how do you ensure you’re getting the best prices on your restaurant or bar supplies?
Dashy Dash Price Search anonymously crowdsources real invoice prices on restaurant and bar supplies so you can quickly search across vendors and find the best price for supplies in your local market.

Multi-Source With Ease

Multi-Sourcing is an age-old technique used to ensure a business is getting the supplies it needs on-time and at a fair price by sourcing from multiple vendors...but there’s a rub. This is incredibly tedious work. 

Finding multiple vendors for the same supplies, developing relationships, and comparing prices can oftentimes be too time consuming for what it’s worth to independent restaurants. With Dashy Dash Price Search, restaurant and bar managers can identify multiple vendors effectively and efficiently, comparing prices on the spot, and making it easy to keep your costs in line.

Discover New Products and New Vendors

Tapping into the DashyDash network makes it easier than ever to find new types of ingredients from unique and local suppliers, helping you develop ideas for new menu items and stay on top of menu trends.  

Quickly and Easily Find Exactly What You Need

Whether you’re looking for a pound of tomatoes, or a case of to-go boxes, DashyDash Price Search makes it easy to find. With an intuitive categorization system, you can easily search for specific items with the exact qualities you’re looking for. 

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About Savor

Savor helps restaurants, restaurant groups, and chains of all types control supply costs with less work.

With Savor restaurants can manage invoices, track product price histories, and drill down into expense categories. We help restaurants...

  • Automatically catch rising prices before they spin out of control
  • Benchmark prices for supplies against those paid by similar restaurants and bars
  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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