Dashy Dash Insights: Take the work out of understanding your restaurant supply costs

Dashy Dash Insights: Take the work out of understanding your restaurant supply costs

Dashy Dash is a free community powered tool that makes it easy to manage invoices, discover new products & compare prices to help you save money.

Helping restaurants and bars understand their expenses is part of our mission

Helping restaurants save time and money is core to our mission. Dashy Dash Insights tool helps the average independent save tons of time and quickly understand where their money is going.

Dashy Dash insights helps restaurants understand their expenses, fast

Leveraging Dashy Dash Invoice Management, Dashy Dash Insights quickly breaks down your bar or restaurant’s expenses into easy to understand charts and helps you figure out how your expenses are trending.

Quickly see where you money is going and find ways to save

When you upload restaurant supply invoices into Dashy Dash, we automatically categorize each line item from your invoices and start analyzing your spending to help you find ways to save. Here are a few of the insights we generate for our members without any additional effort from the member

Key Spend Metrics

Pick a time period, then quickly see your total supply spend for the time period, the total number of of invoices related to the time period, and how your current spend compares to the previous time period.

Important Insights

We highlight important insights like “How are my expenses changing over time” and “Which distributor represents my highest spend?” These insights help restaurants, bars, and their accounting partners quickly identify the cost drivers and changes to spending patterns that may deserve deeper investigation.

Spending Breakdown

We automatically categorize each line item from the invoices you submit across 109 separate categories. Then we summarize the results to make it easy to understand where you money is going, and which categories are the biggest portions of your supply expenses. Click in the pie chart to see a more detailed breakdown of expenses within each category.

Individual Item Drill Down

Want to quickly find your biggest opportunities to reduce you supply spend? Use the "More Details" side bar to drill all the way down to the individual items within each spend category that are making the biggest impact on your spend numbers.

Order History

See a list of every item you bought during a given time period and how much you spent on those item regardless of distributor.

Start uncovering savings opportunities today

Dashy Dash members get access to Dashy Dash Insights for free. Sign up and start submitting invoice images today to start uncovering new ways to save on your restaurant supplies.

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About Savor

Savor helps restaurants, restaurant groups, and chains of all types control supply costs with less work.

With Savor restaurants can manage invoices, track product price histories, and drill down into expense categories. We help restaurants...

  • Automatically catch rising prices before they spin out of control
  • Benchmark prices for supplies against those paid by similar restaurants and bars
  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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We're the fastest way for restaurants to uncover supply savings.

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