How To Get The Best Prices From Your Vendors Using Dashy Dash's Benchmarking Tool

What is the Dashy Dash Price Benchmarking Tool?

Dashy Dash's Price Benchmarking Tool showcases the prices paid by other restaurants in your area for their products. The Benchmark Tool contains comprehensive, anonymized data from invoices submitted directly to the platform. Invoices submitted to Dashy Dash are broken down to the line item level. The products are then aggregated and categorized by type before being pushed into the Benchmarking Tool, granting restaurants access to the pricing that other establishments are paying for similar items.

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Provides restaurants with insights into what other restaurants in their area are paying for their products
  • Allows restaurants to easily search for products using keywords 
  • Ability to narrow down search results by date, location, distributor, and category 
  • Provides a centralized database where restaurants can get pricing and vendor information 
  • Gives restaurants access to key information such as product name, distributor where it was purchased, purchase date, price, sizing/quantity 

Benefits of the Price Benchmarking Tool for Restaurants:

  • Save time by getting fast feedback on the expected prices different distributors will offer. Instead of having to call across multiple vendors, without knowing what prices to expect
  • Save time by uncovering multiple items that might fit your supply needs
  • Save money by quickly seeing the fair price in the market instead of having to take whatever price is offered to you
  • Simplifies the process of discovering which distributors supply products to your specific area

The Dashy Dash Price Benchmarking Tool provides restaurants transparency around vendor pricing, helping users make informed decisions about their purchases. Sign up for Dashy Dash below to access our Price Benchmarking Tool!

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  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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