Dashy Dash Benchmarking Report

Dashy Dash Benchmarking-Report

When it comes to ordering items for your restaurant it pays to shop around and compare prices. Unfortunately, too few restaurant operators have the time required to call up multiple vendors and keep their distributors honest. Even worse, it seems like everyone is getting a custom price making it very difficult to get an idea of what you should be paying for any item.

Thankfully, with benchmarking reports from Dashy Dash you can easily and quickly make informed decisions that keep your bottom line healthy.  

Benefits of Price Comparison with Different Suppliers

Dashy Dash knows independent restaurants face many of these challenges when it comes to managing their supply expenses, with so many different suppliers, products and prices to choose from, it can be difficult for restaurants to know if they are getting a good deal or if they are overpaying for their supplies.  Dashy Dash provides benchmarking reports that will open up opportunities for you to see who is offering the best prices and what products you could be using to develop your menu.

How it Works

Restaurants frequently pay a wide range of prices for nearly identical items, even at similar volumes.  In fact, Dashy Dash routinely finds members who are paying more than 100% more for nearly identical products (sometimes restaurants within the same restaurant group). Of Course knowing every food distributor or vendor in your area and constantly checking prices is incredibly time consuming, which is why Dashy Dash offers price benchmarking reports.

Benchmarking reports create price and product transparency, helping operators feel confident they are paying the fair price for the products they buy. In order to create benchmarking reports…

  • Members upload invoices into their Dashy Dash account.
  • Dashy Dash removes personally identifiable information and groups pricing data for specific areas.
  • We then create category reports that show the real price ranges paid by restaurants in your area including how various suppliers compare for similar goods.

Leveraging Benchmarking reports saves Dashy Dash members time and money. With Dashy Dash, you can compare updated prices from multiple vendors, find comparable products for discontinued items and easily adjust your purchasing decisions accordingly. 

Benchmarking reports are an invaluable tool for restaurants looking to benchmark their supply expenses against the market. It’s just one of the ways Dashy Dash helps restaurants become stronger together. So what’s stopping you from joining our growing community? It’s fast, free and easy to join. Get started today.

About Savor

Savor helps restaurants, restaurant groups, and chains of all types control supply costs with less work.

With Savor restaurants can manage invoices, track product price histories, and drill down into expense categories. We help restaurants...

  • Automatically catch rising prices before they spin out of control
  • Benchmark prices for supplies against those paid by similar restaurants and bars
  • Easily find alternative products and suppliers in their area
  • Capture credits by automatically auditing invoices for errors

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