3 Pandemic Driven Changes That Are Here To Stay: How To Get The Most Out of Reopening.

In the last year restaurants and bars have been forced to adapt to constant oversight changes, develop entirely new business models from scratch, and adjust their operations to be more fluid and flexible. 
Some of the changes that restaurants and bar owners were forced to make are here to stay and will become integral parts of their future success. Making these 4 changes permanent will help you get the most out of reopening.

Delivery is sticking around, which means it's time to optimize your menu.

Delivery service is now an essential and concrete element of most restaurants' operations. Dining out will undoubtedly make a comeback, but customer behaviors have fundamentally changed, and at-home dining has become a solidified part of most consumer’s routines.

Analyzing top-performing items and adjusting your menu to be more delivery-friendly will be hugely important to your lasting success. Alternately, you may consider creating different menus for dine-in vs. delivery and take-out customers.

New opportunities start with knowing your numbers.

Every owner and manager who successfully kept the lights on during this pandemic has found new ways to sell and new ways to save. The rewards of staying innovative will only grow with reopening and finding those new opportunities starts with knowing your numbers.

Having a strong grasp on your performance will be the golden ticket to ensuring that your restaurant makes a strong comeback. Don’t just glance at where sales or up or down; understand what items are selling and which are down. Figure out which channels are lagging (dine-in, take-out, or delivery). And keep an eye out for cost savings on food and paper supplies. [Price Search Blog Link]

Make molehills out of mountains of paperwork.

Reopening is a chaotic process; ensuring your restaurant runs smoothly and customers are satisfied will leave you with even less time to tackle pesky administrative tasks. Tools that can automate those tasks [Invoice Automation Blog Link] will help you focus on maintaining customer experience and not get buried in a mountain of office work.

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