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Light Soda

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426 Valley Dr, Brisbane, CA 94005
+1 415-648-6262

Products They Sell

FOH Supplies
Kitchen Supplies
Bar Supplies


Accepts Orders Via

Phone, Email

Delivery Days

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Payment Terms

Delivery Schedule


  • Does Second Runs
  • Key Drop Deliveries
  • Case Breaks


Light Soda On Tap rents bar and restaurant kitchen equipment, including: refrigerators, ice machines, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, ovens and ranges, freezers, sandwich prep tables, draft beer boxes, broilers, fryers, refrigerated deli cases, soda systems, mixers, griddles, display case refrigerators, pizza prep tables, ice flaker/crushers, bottle coolers, sinks, cocktail chests, slicers, stoves, espresso machines, pizza ovens, glass chillers, and many other items.